Mountain Hiking in the Salzkammergut Lake District

For our guests mountain hiking in the local Lake District is an absolute highlight. Not only breath-taking views from the summits but also the route becomes your reward. In this wonderful mountain pasture landscapes you will walk through cooling mixed forests, lush green meadows – nature in its most unspoilt and purest form. And when the numerous mountain hut restaurants beckon with the scent of freshly made Salzburg doughnuts and home-baked bread you’ll be wise to take the hint and stop off for refreshments, a short break and a taste of Austria.

Discover the idyllic hiking region of Hintersee-Faistenau

A 20 minute car ride will take you to this characteristic hiking area, home to grazing cattle in the summer months.

Hintersee Lake and Ice Chapel Round Walk

This charming 4.5 km walk takes you along the shores of Hintersee Lake and then follows the path along the Griesbach Stream. The charming trail through tranquil forest scenery leads to a natural beauty spot known as the Ice Chapel. At the end of the path the sheer rock faces form a vertical gully that fills with snow during the winter months. Due to the special geographic metrological constellation the ice does not melt. Even in high summer you will find a snow pocket here. The massive snow masses cover the stream and as the running water melts the snow from below in summer it creates a natural vault of ice – the Ice Chapel.  

Another alternative would be to head off up to the Bergalm mountain hut restaurant. This is a gentle mountain hike of about 1.5 hours (starting at the Hintersee/Satzstein) or to the Gruberalm which takes approx. 40 minutes (starting point Lämmerbach carpark in Hintersee) and is suitable for families with young children.

It’s tradition to take a short break for refreshments at the Mayerlehenalm mountain hut restaurant – a typically Salzburg County experience.

Always popular is the walk to the Genner Mountain Pasture which takes about an hour from the Lämmerbach car park. This delightful walk takes you through gentle mountain landscapes and having reached the pasture at 1,300 metres above sea-level there are a number of mountain hut restaurants to choose from for a rest, refreshments and to enjoy the stunning views. We can highly recommend the rustic Posch’n Hütte and the Reithütte hut restaurants. Having regained your strength after your break you can, if you wish, head up to the Gennerhorn Peak. The ascent will take approximately 1.5 hours and to an altitude of 1,735 metres.

The hiking region surrounding the Hotel Seerose is dotted with so-called “Places of fortune“. Places of natural beauty or interest that are enhanced by positive intrinsic aura. Visiting these spots helps you to recharge your batteries and find inner peace and harmony. The Old Rumingmühle in Fuschl am See is one of these Places of Fortune and we recommend the gentle 25 minute walk to all our guests.

Die Postalm High Altitude Mountain Pasture: Austrian landscape at its finest in the heart of the Salzkammergut Lake District

Just 28 km from Fuschl am See the Postalm plateau is a natural beauty spot nestled in the mountains above Wolfgangsee Lake. It is the largest mountain pasture landscape in Austria and the second largest high altitude plateau in Europe.

100 km of excellently marked walking trails lead you through the mountain grazing area with stunning views and unspoilt nature. There are a number of mountain hut restaurants that offer refreshments along the way. The road up to the Postalm is a toll-road offering guests a spectacular journey through the craggy mountain scenery with its wild mountain streams and shady forests. As you drive up, enjoy the view of the Dachstein Massifs and the Bischofsmütze (Bishop’s Hat) peak.

The Zwölferhorn Peak

In summer and in winter conquering the Zwölferhorn Peak is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of how you reach it. In St. Gilgen, 8km from Fuschl am See, you can climb the “Zwölferhorn Mountain” or use the comfortable alternative and let the nostalgic cable car take you to the top. Either way, a breath-taking view awaits you on one of the most popular viewpoints in the Salzkammergut Lake District.

Refreshment tip:

In Franzl’s Hütte mountain hut restaurant next to the mountain station of the cable car you can enjoy excellent, traditional dishes in cosy and rustic atmosphere. Or stop off at the Lärchenhütte half way up the mountain for a fantastic view of Lake Wolfgangsee – this mountain hut restaurant can also be reached by car from Tiefbrunau. 

The Elderberry Huts and Salzburg’s Farmer’s Autumn Festival

In the Osterhorn Mountain Range in Hintersee and on the Zwölferhorn Mountain there are 4 so called Elderberry Huts. This is something special to the Lake Fuschl Region as these huts are dedicated to offering guests dishes and drinks made from the leaves, blossoms and berries of the Elder Tree.

From elderberry jam to elder blossom schnapps at the Primushäusl distillery in Strobl by Lake Wolfgangsee you also have the opportunity to discover the taste and indeed healing power of this noble tree.

Salzburg’s landscapes and culture has managed to withstand the test of time and this is greatly due to the local farmers. We celebrate their dedication during the Salzburg Farmer’s Harvest Festival weeks.  Autumn is the most beautiful time of year as the forest begins to change colour and the cattle come down from their mountain pastures wearing garlands of flowers. The market stands are full of colourful traditional, handmade products in Salzburg’s villages during the festival weeks. Harvest festival processions, cookery courses, mountain walks, farmer’s markets and much, much more await you in autumn.