Horse-drawn carriage rides

Enjoy the unique experience of a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the enchanting winter landscapes. Wrapped up in a warm blanket just sit back and take in the magnificent winter scenery at your leisure.

* Hotel Ebner's Waldhof  - Fuschl am See -  06226 / 82 64 – on request!

* "Schmiedbauer" - Fam. Leitgeb - Faistenau 06228 / 25 24

* Family Ausweger - Faistenau 06228 / 23 95

* Duaration: approx. 1 1/2 Stunden

* Minimum rate per tour: from € 60,00

each additional person € 12,00


* Great fun for guests of all ages – If you’re willing to have a go, fun and action is guaranteed. 

* Have you ever whizzed down a hill sitting in a colourful rubber tyre?

* No! Then here’s your chance to have a go!

* You can simply drive to the next village of Faistenau and spend a few hours of tubing fun or combine the visit to the tubing run with a winter walk or day trip in the region. Snow-tubing is a great pastime for all the family. 

Tel: 06228 24 34

Single run: € 1,50

1 hour ticket: € 11,00 --> adult

1 hour ticket: € 9,00 --> child

* On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you can snow-tube until 9 p.m. (the run is floodlit) 

Austrian Curling


You want to try something new besides skiing or cross-country skiing on your winter holiday?

Then the activity you’ve been looking for might just be Austrian curling. 

All you need is warm winter clothing, good winter footwear with thick soles and of course enthusiasm.

We play Austrian curling on dual natural lanes and there are plenty of ‘ice stocks” available for you to hire in the village.

With Austrian curling the motto is – “The more the merrier”  

Fuschl am See 

Austrian curling on the natural frozen pond – ice stock hire at the Fuschlseebad beach and sports club

Tel: 06226 82 88


Austrain curling lane at Thalgauberg

Tel: 0688 82 23 143


Itzis Curling Lane: 0676 7053 145

Hatzenstüberl: 06228 25 07